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Conscientious pet owners know where to go when they want safe and healthy food, treats, and accessories for their pets.

For Other Living Things, the South Bay leader in quality pet products and healthful nutrition, carefully researches, evaluates and selects products before we make them available them to our customers.

If we wouldn’t give them to our own family pets, we won’t offer them to yours.

The concept of For Other Living Things...

...began with the childhood dream of the founder, Anita Ledtje, growing up on Long Island as a dedicated animal lover and advocate.

Frustrated with the lack of appropriate products for animals, Anita started the business as an on- line store with healthy food, hay, and toys for rabbits.

In 2001, the doors to a storefront opened to provide a complete range of healthful pet foods and treats, and innovative supplies and accessories.

To this day, For Other Living Things is recognized throughout the South Bay as the premier source for products, insight and information that contribute to a long and healthy lifetime for our companion animals.


We’re happy to make everyone’s day just a little easier by offering free delivery to Sunnyvale and surrounding communities for all orders over $49, usually within a day or two for any items in stock.

It’s easy: Just call in your order to the store or use the simple contact form above. We’ll handle it from there.

Open Daily.

MONDAY | 9am - 7pm

TUESDAY - THURSDAY | 9am - 6pm

FRIDAY - SATURDAY | 9am - 7pm

SUNDAY | 11am - 6pm

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1261 South Mary Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087 

  • "This place is fantastic!"

    Such a great selection of quality food.  I was so happy to see that they have freeze-dried raw food :)  Staff was very friendly as well.  I'm so glad to have a local family owned store like this near us.
    M.H., San Jose
  • “Wonderful place to buy things for your animals.”

    Unlike the large chain pet shops, they have some of the best food and supplies, and not a lot of junk. And you can call them on the phone and order special order foods, like the frozen goat milk probiotic for dogs and cats. They are very responsive and pleasant to deal with.
    K.U.  San Jose
  • “I (and my pup) love coming here!”

     The staff are really knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They have a great return policy. As a first time doggy dad, I wish I had found out about this place before stocking up on Amazon because I could have used the help.
    K.L., Cupertino
  • “Trusted source of pet food and supplies.”

    The staff carefully researches all the food they sell. The store has high standards for where ingredients are sourced, and how they are transported and processed. They track recalls, keep customers informed, and stop carrying products that later fall below their standards. They even carry crash tested car harnesses, which are difficult to find. I'm thankful for their dedication to pet safety and well being. 
    B.S., Sunnyvale
  • “The best pet store I've ever experienced.”

    They carry needed pet items the big box stores don't. They host pet rescue adoptions on the weekends, helping animals find their forever homes. Their staff is friendly and very knowledgable. They were able to make a recommendation that drastically improved the health of one of our pets, when neither Google searches or multiple trips to a Vet were able to offer much in the way of advice.
    J.C., Fremont
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